Scott is the Business Strategy Manager for CCS Fraud, EMEA and brings with him over 34 years of Financial Services experience, with 33 years at Royal Bank of Scotland. Prior to leaving RBS, Scott was the Head of Investigations & Support, Fraud & Chargeback Operations where he led over 400 staff across 4 Operational Centres in the UK & Ireland. He also provided management support for the RBS Fraud & Chargeback Centres India.
His Law Enforcement Operations responsibility provided Scott with an opportunity to directly support all the UK & Irelands Police forces where his teams provided critical information to fight Crime & International terrorism.
Scott also has extensive Collections & Recoveries experience when he was a Litigation & Repossession Manager during which time he graduated as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.
Scott, continues to live in his home town, Glasgow & commutes to the London office.